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SAP Services

High Value Infotech is the only known SAP program management and systems implementation company to provide a quality service with THE BEST FIT resource for any type of SAP engagement.

SAP Program Advisor Service (Trusted SAP Advisor)

With our SAP program advisor service, you get a SAP implementation and project execution expert who will manage and oversee key SAP project lifecycle activities such as SAP software selection (also known as SAP packages) to meet your business needs, establish and manage a custom tailored process to select SAP implementation partner, conduct individual interviews to select SAP skilled resources from implementation partner and third party consultants. Our SAP Project Advisor also regularly reviews project work plan, implementation methodology and recommend process/resource changes to ensure project is implemented on time, budget and with a high quality.

SAP Project Management

As a part of SAP project management offering, we provide a SAP project manager and supplement your PMO organisation with PMO consultants to aide the project manager to manage the project budget, work plan and other PMO tasks. On most projects, our SAP project manager may be in addition to project manager from the implementation partner and typically share project management responsibilities there by providing independent view on project status to the program sponsor by representing on behalf of the customer. Our project manager is responsibilities for managing project work plan, budget, methodology and deliverables.

SAP Systems Implementation

We are known to provide the top notch SAP functional consultants, leads and SAP architects for your SAP implementation. Our areas of expertise in SAP modules include SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP EH&S, SAP IS Insurance, SAP IS Utilities, SAP HCM, SAP HR and SAP FI-CO, SAP SD, SAP MM & High End Modules include SEM-BCS, BPC & BI. In addition we provide cross industry experts to integrate your systems landscape using SAP PI (formerly SAP XI) and also meet your enterprise analytical and transactional reporting needs using SAP BI and business objects. SAP consultants help gather requirements during the early blueprint phase and help the business teams in creation of business process requirements and design documents (sometimes referred to as BPD or BPRD). RICEF inventory is created by SAP functional consultants and leads after reviewing the BPRD documents followed by creation of functional specifications for the RICEF objects. In realization, these resources configure the SAP system based on the configuration rationale and also review/test RICEF delivered functionality by development team.

SAP RICEF and Custom Development

Almost all SAP implementation involve a finite number of RICEF items to meet specific business needs. Also sometimes SAP standard delivered functionality does not meet customer needs and need a custom built solution from bottom-up which include building of custom data dictionary, transactions, screens and application layer. Our RICEF and custom development team comprise of senior SAP ABAP and SAP ABAP OO developers along with SAP technical managers and architects. This service offering is provided by our technical team which also provide specialized skilled resources such as SAP Workflow consultants, Adobe Interactive Forms Specialist, ABAP workflow developer, etc.

By choosing SAP you have established a competitive advantage with a highly reliable and scalable technology platform to support your business growth. When a company starts thinking about SAP implementation, the first thing that comes to anyones mind is to select a implementation partner that can meet the project timeline and within budget. You need a trusted advisor who can advise the program sponsor and other corporate executives throughout the life of your SAP project.

We have a team of well known SAP Program Managers as well as Executive Project Advisors which has helped several global SAP customers maximize their return of investment (ROI) and optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the SAP solution. In average our SAP Program Manager has over 10+ years of SAP implementation experience as a leader or project manager. Our program managers have been on at least two SAP implementation projects as either a program manager or an executive project advisor. Usually our customers engage us very early part of their SAP implementation. Typically our program manager engages with your executive team in scoping the SAP solution followed by management of project bids from selected SAP implementation partners. In the event that you invite iii Technologies to also participate as a systems integrator, our program advisors will provide an unbiased opinion to select the best systems integrator to suit your business needs and execute the project in time and budget.

Our SAP Program Managers will provide leadership and expert advise related to all technology, process, methodology and resources needed for successful implementation of your SAP solution. Some key areas we provide leadership and guidance when engaged right from the early phases of the project include:

  • SAP Software Evaluation & Scoping:
  • After the company has initiated or made a decision to replace your legacy system with a new enterprise system, our program manager will work with all business stakeholders to define all the high level processes that are needed to support the future growth of the company. We will evaluate Early planning phase for a new enterprise systems evaluation focus on identifying business needs to support future growth and evaluation of packages in SAP that would optimize business growth with rapid return of investment (ROI). Since majority of the companies have minimal to no experience with SAP software, high effective and accurate decisions can be made in these areas with a SAP program advisory guidance. Our SAP program advisors work with clients to evaluate enterprise wide business needs and recommend appropriate SAP packages, tools and solutions.

  • Selection of SAP Systems Integrator:
  • On many occasions companies select an SAP Systems Integrator SI (also known as SI or Vendor or SAP implemantation partner) based on the SI's reputation in the industry, lowest cost bid and/or skills and expertise demonstrated by pre-sales team. Although these are important factors, it turns out that this criteria mislead the customers by not looking at some other critical factors that should be considered in selection of a Systems Integrator. Some of these critical factors include SAP systems expertise in all modules selected by the customer, business expertise, evaluation of experience/skills of key leaders presented by SI, etc. Our program advisors work with your leadership to recommend and establish SAP systems integrator selection criteria that best aligns with your company goals.

  • Selection of Well Qualified SI or Third Party Project Resources:
  • New SAP customers have limited knowledge of SAP technology and hence it is a challenge to determine whether the resources presented to you by the Systems Integrator have appropriate level of knowledge and experience. Many customers like you may end up paying $200+ per hour for SAP resources, but in reality only 1 off 5 or so resources is senior level resource with others just shadowing this senior resource. In this example, you may be paying $1000+ per hour for set of resources when only one is productively contributing to the project. Our program and technology experts interview all SAP skilled resources before onboarding them into the program. We interview SI Program Manager, Functional leads, ABAP/BI/PI technology leads, functional analysts, technical developers and all other resources by using one of our established evaluation criteria.

  • Project Changes or Restructuring to Deliver on Time, Budget and Quality:
  • Ineffective resources or processes on a project are key factors impacting delivery of the program on time, budget and ensuring high quality results. Right from the start of your SAP project our program advisors evaulate each resource and implementation methodology and processes. We review resource effectiveness and change resources from Systems Integrator or other third party that are ineffective or may not be needed to match the required skills. We review work plans and work execution approaches in program management office (PMO), business teams, technical teams, OCM, etc and make necessary changes to the project.

    External Systems Integration with SAP PI

    Our typical SAP systems integration team include an integration lead and SAP PI consultants. The number of SAP PI consultants or sometimes called as integration analysts depend on the size of the project and also the number of systems that have to be integrated together. We sometimes recommend a SAP Integration Architect on large scale projects where many external or inter-company applications have to be integrated with SAP ECC. Using SAP Netweaver Process Integration (SAP PI) you can integrate inter-company legacy, external, multiple SAP or non-SAP systems. You can expose your existing core SAP business processes to external systems by service enabling using SOA technology supported by SAP PI.

    How Can We Help With Your Systems Integration ?

    As most SAP implementations use the proven and universally acknowledged ASAP methodology, iii Technologies can adopt to any methodology even when it comes to your enterprise systems integration. For a full lifecycle SAP implementation, we engage right from the beginning in the following phases :

  • Project Preparation Phase
  • The main goal from during project preparation from "Systems Integration" perspective is to analyze size and complexity of your company wide applications that need to be integrated together with SAP ECC system. The output of this exercise at the end of project preparation is an integrated work plan with roles and resources required for integrating your SAP and non-SAP systems. We send in a SAP PI Architect or SAP PI Lead that typically has 2 or more SAP PI implementations experience as an integration lead or architect. This phase begins with analysis of the existing legacy systems that you plan to integrate with your future state SAP ECC system. High level work sessions are conducted with the business and IT teams to understand the magnitude and complexity of inter company legacy systems as well as external applications that exist today. The work effort estimation is done and resource plan is prepared. Finally an integrated work plan is prepared together with the business team work plans along with a systems integration project charter.

  • Blueprint Phase
  • The project staff is ramped up slowly during blueprint that include SAP functional consultants and SAP PI consultants to facilitate detailed requirements gathering. Cross SAP and non-SAP system business processes are discussed in detail in planned work sessions with business and IT. For external applications, current system processes that are expose to external applications and users are analyzed. The systems integration deliverables during this phase include Business Process Requirements and Design (commonly referred to as BPD or BPRD) documents are prepared for each legacy or external application that has to be integrated with SAP ECC system which includes detailed business requirements. Our SAP PI consultant will work with the SAP Basis consultant to setup the SAP PI sandbox system and connect it with the SAP ECC Sandbox environment. Some of the business processes are prototyped in the sandbox system to demonstrate A2A (application to application) and B2B (business to business) process integration. All interface obects are identified and added to the RICEF object list. These objects include legacy application enhancements, SAP PI configuration and SAP ECC enhancements required to support the business process logic and expose any APIs that are called from SAP PI. BPDs and RICEF inventory is reviewed with business and IT team leads and signoff is obtained to mark the completion of systems integration deliverables for the blueprint phase.

  • Realization Phase
  • Once the SAP development system is deployed by the SAP Basis team, our SAP PI Architect or Lead will configure the System Landscape Directory where all SAP systems and corresponding components are defined. Also all internal and external non-SAP systems that need to be integrated together are registered in the System Landscape Directory. SAP PI Consultant (also called SAP XI Consultant) will write the interface functional specifications working together with the business and obtain necessary sign offs upon completion. If iii Technologies is using an onshore-offshore model, then most of the technical and development team works from our India development center. Depending on the engagement model, the technical specifications are written by the SAP PI consultants either onsite or offshore. During this time the consultants work with the onshore SAP PI Consultant to align closely with the business teams. PI Lead conducts technical design specification review followed by client IT lead approval on the document. Next step is to begin with configuration and ABAP development together with legacy system ennhancements. Both onsite and offshore PI consultants configure the data dictionary, message types, message interfaces followed by mapping and integration in the Integration Repository. Message senders and receivers are defined in the Integration Directory. Finally the communication is tested whether using IDOC, flat file or web services. All dependent enhancements to legacy systems and ABAP development within SAP ECC system is done simultaneously. Upon completion end-to-end assembly tests are done and user acceptance tests are conducted by the business teams. Our team hands over the delivered interface to the business upon approval and signoff.

    SAP Custom Development for SAP

    We have experienced SAP ABAP developers (as well as limited SAP ABAP OO Programmers) that focus on build custom SAP solutions that customers need on top of standard delivered SAP functionality. Over the years we have engaged with our customers to help in the following areas:

    Mobile Application Development

    Transform your business with state-of-the-art mobile apps for your workforce, customers, and partners. Built with the latest leading-edge mobile technology, our apps can help you liberate enterprise data, accelerate key business processes, speed decision making, and better engage with consumers – for maximized revenue and sky-high productivity.

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