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History of Company

Our company was founded by our executive team members who served as SAP program leaders, project and development managers before forming "High Value Infotech". Over several years of managing SAP implementations, our president has identified key challenges that SAP customers face throughout the implementation projects severely impacting cost, budget and quality of SAP projects. Some of these major challenges include:

SAP Software Evaluation:

Early planning phase for a new enterprise systems evaluation focus on identifying business needs to support future growth and evaluation of packages in SAP that would optimize business growth with rapid return of investment (ROI). Since majority of the companies have minimal to no experience with SAP software, high effective and accurate decisions can be made in these areas with a SAP program advisory guidance. Our SAP program advisors work with clients to evaluate enterprise wide business needs and recommend appropriate SAP packages, tools and solutions.

Selection of SAP Systems Integrator:

On many occasions companies select an SAP Systems Integrator SI (also known as SI or Vendor or SAP implementation partner) based on the SI's reputation in the industry, lowest cost bid and/or skills and expertise demonstrated by pre-sales team. Although these are important factors, it turns out that this criteria mislead the customers by not looking at some other critical factors that should be considered in selection of a Systems Integrator. Some of these critical factors include SAP systems expertise in all modules selected by the customer, business expertise, evaluation of experience/skills of key leaders presented by SI, etc. Our program advisors work with your leadership to recommend and establish SAP systems integrator selection criteria that best aligns with your company goals.

Selection of Well Qualified SI or Third Party Project Resources:

New SAP customers have limited knowledge of SAP technology and hence it is a challenge to determine whether the resources presented to you by the Systems Integrator have appropriate level of knowledge and experience. Many customers like you may end up paying $200+ per hour for SAP resources, but in reality only 1 off 5 or so resources is senior level resource with others just shadowing this senior resource. In this example, you may be paying $1000+ per hour for set of resources when only one is productively contributing to the project. Our program and technology experts interview all SAP skilled resources before onboarding them into the program. We interview SI Program Manager, Functional leads, ABAP/BI/PI technology leads, functional analysts, technical developers and all other resources by using one of our established evaluation criteria.

Project Changes or Restructuring to Deliver on Time, Budget and Quality:

Ineffective resources or processes on a project are key factors impacting delivery of the program on time, budget and ensuring high quality results. Right from the start of your SAP project our program advisors evaulate each resource and implementation methodology and processes. We review resource effectiveness and change resources from Systems Integrator or other third party that are ineffective or may not be needed to match the required skills. We review work plans and work execution approaches in program management office (PMO), business teams, technical teams, OCM, etc and make necessary changes to the project.

Our President along with other industry leaders decided to create an enterprise to serve the industry with project advisory, systems integration and staff augmentation services that would resolve these challenges and help our customers save millions on their SAP implementation projects. Our executives still oversee each and every undertaking of High Value Infotech to ensure that our company exceeds our customer expectations. High Value Infotech is headquartered in Bangalore, India and serves our customers throughout the world with various partners in Asia & Europe. We also have offices in India to support offshore delivery, product development and production support.



At HighValueInfotech, we are committed to establishing and maintaining a long term relationship dedicated to meet our clients enterprise goals and objectives. Over the years we have built a team of the most talented, ambitious and forward thinking professionals in the industry. We take the utmost pride in the world class services we offer and we invite our prospective client to understand the true value and benefits they get by making HighValueInfotech part of your SAP program management and implementation.

We realize and understand the challenges faced by companies since late 2008 due to recession in the global economy. Even on companies planning to implement SAP or upgrade/enhance existing SAP software, we have seen customers trying to cut implementation costs and maximize return of investment. While it costs a lot more to implement SAP with sky rocketing billing rates of consultants with large implementation partners, HighValueInfotech has dedicated itself in building its team along with highly qualified independent contractors to provide our customers with highly experienced and deep skilled SAP expertise that would otherwise cost our customers between 25-40% higher with larger implementation partners.